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Recovering from vertigo

Went to the doctor early today, about my bouts of vertigo the past few days. Turns out, MSG or monosodium glutamate is the culprit. I ate instant noodles all week long last week and it finally caught up to me. MSG affects the inner ear, hence affects the sense of balance.

I have recovered a bit already though. This morning was the first morning I’d woken up without feeling immediately dizzy upon sitting up from bed. I felt good enough, in fact, to work out again this afternoon.

My workout was the usual 30-minute thing with the really heavy weights and the two-sets-per-exercise, 30-second-rest-between-sets routine. I got rid of the deadlifts and exchanged it for a lateral pulldown. I also put the shoulder press as my second exercise, so I get a little bit more umph on my shoulders. What should have been 30 minutes, lasted 45 minutes though — I repped to failure on my first set on the bench press and I had to get out from under the bar and re-set the thing on our Gold’s Gym smith machine (no worries — the machine had it’s own auto-spotter). Plus, I felt a bit dizzy upon finishing that first set, so I had to rest a few more seconds before doing the next set. I’d increased weights across all exercises, though, so all in all it was still a good workout.

Tomorrow, I should be feeling up to 100% normal, so I should be able to hit the gym without the dizzy spells.



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