Turbogears — almost, but not quite

I bought the October 2006 issue of Linux Magazine yesterday. The thing that caught my attention and prompted me to buy it was this article on Turbogears, a RAD web app framework for Python. I quickly devoured the article and soon found myself wanting to actually try it out.

Turbogears is supposed to be Python’s answer to Ruby on Rails. To TG’s credit, it really does make coding a web app using Python very, very simple, in a way that’s almost as simple as doing it on Rails. Now while I haven’t made a formal comparison, I’m more inclined to think that I can work better with Turbogears than with Rails. But then again, that’s just my Python bias showing. I love Python, and when I read the article I thought, “well it’s about freakin’ time somebody made this for Python!”

So, I fired up my Ubuntu box and tried it out.

And I didn’t get past the second step of installation. First, the magazine article is outdated already; there’s already a 1.0 beta release, and the URL for the Turbogears preview that the magazine was pointing to wasn’t there anymore. Second, when I ran the install command:

sudo easy_install -f http://www.turbogears.org/download/index.html –script-dir /usr/local/bin TurboGears

I got a whole mess of errors that stemmed from some header file or other that couldn’t be found. From the errors I figured it must be something from a python-dev package or something, so I did an apt-get for python-dev. After that was done, I tried installing TG again — and still with some lameass compile error!

That’s it. I know all these hacker-wannabes would probably say, “hey look at the error, you must need to install some other thing first or whatever”, or something else along the lines of “RTFM”. You know what? I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME NOR INCLINATION TO DICK AROUND WITH STUPID INSTALLATION ERRORS.

Quite frankly, I’ve had it with half-baked open source projects. I’m plenty smart to figure things out myself — got the resume, the 11-year experience, the Physics undergrad and the MS-IT degrees, and one Java cert to prove it — but having your user work out the kinks of what is supposed to be a simple, no-brainer installation, defeats the whole PURPOSE of having an easy-to-use web framework in the first place!

Anyway, so much for Turbogears. I’m sure the stuff is cool. Hell, I loved the magazine article about it! I’m just going to wait a bit longer until they work things out a bit more.

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