God of the (Home) Network

It’s been a very long time since I last flexed my network-god muscles. My last sysad-duties-inclusive job was three years ago. However, I now find myself having to twitch at least my net-godlike little finger.

My brother abuses our DSL bandwidth at home. Bittorrent downloads of tons and tons of anime constantly slows down everybody else’s connections, myself included. And today happens to be one of the rare times I need/want to download large files from the ‘net — specifically, Java EE 5-related files. Not to mention, just doing ordinary browsing invariably slows down to a crawl whenever my younger brother starts leeching anime of questionable taste.


Time to do some tweaking on our Linksys router, I decided. Blocked Bittorrent, put my brother’s MAC address on low priority and my MAC address on High Priority QOS, and five minutes later, I’m a happy Net God.

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