Close Race for two employers

I’ve never felt so wanted — and confused at the same time! My current employer did a counter-offer. While I can’t say specifics about the numbers, I will say he included an offer to work on a cutting-edge project that’s being done from the ground up. By cutting-edge, I mean Oracle + JSF + AJAX. Tech-wise, that alone was enough to make my inner geek salivate.

Then I go to chat with some of the managers with my future employer later this evening; the meeting was already previously scheduled, and I hadn’t had a chance to tell them I’ve gotten a counter-offer. Turns out, I’m going to have a hand at systems design and architecture! And, I’m going to lead a team, too! Again, I can’t talk about the specific renumerations involved, but I will say that doing systems design and leading a team appeals to my inner senior geek. I have done management stuff in the past, always out of necessity and unofficially, but this is the first time I’ll be doing senior stuff officially. That, and I’ll get to paid handsomely for it.

In the end, the pasture on the other side is just so much greener, and not just in monetary terms, but in actual geek work, that I’m still sticking with my future employer. My resignation stands. I gave my current employer a fighting chance to retain me, just like my boss asked, but I will still have to leave. Sorry, boss!

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