Top themes? already has two types of ‘top’ lists — Top Blogs, and Top Posts. If you count ‘Fastest Growing Blogs’, then that makes three lists already. I wonder if it would be a good idea to have a ‘Top Themes’ list? I mean, technically, it should be simple enough to keep track of the number of blogs using each theme, right?

Personally, I like Regulus. Tried Contempt for a while, and a couple of others, but I keep coming back to Regulus. Sometimes I wonder what themes other people use, but I inevitably move on to wondering how many people use this or that theme. Now instead of going around asking people, I’m thinking, wouldn’t it be neat if the guys added a ‘Top Themes’ list?

But then again, this list wouldn’t necessarily drive traffic to individual blogs, like the other existing ‘Top’ lists do. Instead, it might just make some popular themes more popular and some unpopular themes more unpopular. This list might be more useful as feedback to theme designers and to the guys at Automattic.

Still… it would be cool to have, from a user point of view…. 🙂

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