Resignation still stands

Yup, I got to talk to this managing consultant yesterday. He described some of the projects their teams are working on. They all sound good. I’m not really picky with whatever projects I’m given to work on.


I’m still standing with my resignation.

Why? It’s a job. Java, J2EE (or Java EE nowadays), technology in general, is only a job. I get paid to code, and I code. While I may draw the line at touching VB, and doing  the clerical work of manual data updates for 300+ records, coding is just a job for me. It’s something I do to make an honest living. There really is no compelling reason for me to stay on now, even if they offer me a project that’ll get me to the US or whatever. I could just as well code in the new job waiting for me, as code in my current company.

So why leave in the first place? Long story. Basically I got stuck with no-brainer production support stuff, like bug fixes I can do in one day. And the bug fixes don’t come often either. That and I’m also left to do clerical work, like cleaning up the aforementioned 300+ records.

Besides, all other things being equal, money still talks — and I’m already looking forward to that new and greener pasture I’m set to go to in a few weeks!

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