Resignation blues: offer and counter-offer

I filed my resignation last Friday. I stated that I was given a chance to work with really technical and challenging projects, and that I’d accepted this offer. My boss was caught off-guard. He asked me to see him anytime at his office, and I did so late afternoon yesterday.

He was really grasping for the right words to say to me. In the end, he offered to give me a chance to work with another team, a team that handles US-based projects, and that would give me travel opportunities to the US. He set me up with a meeting this coming Monday with the manager for that team. My boss asked me to give me a chance to “fight for me”, so I agreed to the meeting.

I hate it when some manager dangles that “US travel opportunity” in front of me, thinking that I’d bite. I don’t know about other Filipino geeks, but money and travel (even if it’s to the US) have never been very high on my priorities. Modesty aside, I’m already earning what would be management-level pay in other companies, and just saying that I’ll “have a chance to work in the US” just doesn’t appeal to me anymore.

To a geek, what matters is the technology. Now unless the offer is to work on some military project that requires top-secret clearance, I doubt if any US company uses that much different tech from whatever companies are using here in the Philippines. I mean, Java is Java wherever you work, whether it’s in the US or in the Philippines or in Singapore or whatever. Solaris is Solaris, wherever it’s being used. Oracle is Oracle, whether it’s installed on US servers or RP servers. Besides, with US companies outsourcing to the Philippines, there’s practically no difference whatsoever with the technology, whether you work in the US or just here, locally.

So. I’ll ride along with the meeting on Monday, just to give my boss a “chance to fight for me”. But I doubt I’ll be convinced.

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