I always was a headbanger, what with my taste in punk and indie rock, but I never thought I’d ever bang my head literally!

Yesterday on the way out of an office, while looking down to my shirt pocket and reaching for my ID tag, I ran headlong into a freakin’ glass wall. I banged my head and my knee and made a loud “thud”. I’m sure everyone in the vicinity heard that and I could feel their eyes on my back as I hurriedly went out the door and ducked into the elevator hallway, muttering under my breath, ow ow ow ow.

Man, that hurt!

I actually got a bit dizzy from the impact and I had to take the rest of the day off. It would’ve been really funny, if it weren’t for the pain and the dizziness. Actually, as time goes on, it does seem funnier now, but yesterday I was really out of it. I had to lie down and I only started feeling ‘normal’ later that evening, sometime after dinner.

The big lump on my head is now practically gone, but it was only towards the later part of the day that I realized I’d banged my knee even harder than my head. My knee still has some swelling now. Hopefully though, by Saturday my knee should be fine, so I can work out without any problems.

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