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So I’m checking out Writely right now. UI looks alright, even if the icons are a bit big, almost cartoony. They say you can publish to your blog with this, and the drop-down list you get when choosing which blog to publish to, lists a lot of blogging services, including Blogger (naturally!), LiveJournal, and WordPress. I don’t care much about the others, but I want to try out posting to WP.

Before posting, however, I want to check out a couple of things first….

  1. The quick brown fox jumps over the
  2. lazy

  • dog, er bear

The bear ate the fox. Wasn’t quick enough!

Saving to Word document format…. Cool, it works! Well, that’s not really much of a test, but for basic writing and exporting to MS Word format, it works just fine.

There’s options to tag a document, but these don’t have any counterpart in Word, so they really aren’t saved to a Word document. They’ll be used in posting to a blog, though.

So far writely seems cool. It’s still in beta so I’m sure there must be some bugs somewhere that I haven’t encountered yet. But for now, I’m happy with it and I think I’ll use it more.

Update: will try to update this post on WP from writely….. Hmmmm. Apparently, you can republish your post from writely, but the date will be changed to the current date instead of the original date of the post. Not quite I had in mind for a re-post; I was hoping it’ll allow me to edit my post without changing the original post date. Ah well.

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