Dodging workplace bullets with

I’m currently reading Google news via is cool — it’s a web proxy that opens a browser window that is so… “Web 2.0-ed” or “AJAXified” that it looks like an MS Word window! It allows a user to look like he’s reading a word document instead of reading some website. Of course, the site’s original formatting is lost in favor of a more Word-document-ish appearance, but all the content remains intact. It’s great for uhm, pretending appearing to work during a very well-deserved break.

Standard forms still work on the Workfriendly MS-Word-lookalike renedered webpage, but so far I haven’t been able to login to my WP account and post from there. Must be something with the WP login UI not really being a standard form, but some fancy-shmancy AJAX thing.

I haven’t been able to use Yahoo! Mail or gmail via Workfriendly either. Too bad. Still a good effort though!

There’s also a “Boss Key” at the upper left of the Workfriendly MS-Word disguise window. Putting the mousepointer over it instantly replaces the page you are viewing with some HR motivational mumbo-jumbo that talks about time management and how to overcome procrastination. What boss doesn’t want his peon reading up on stuff like that? Heheh. And when it’s finally safe to read your web content of choice once more, just mouse over the “Read” key, again on the upper left, where the “Boss key” used to be. At which point you can resume reading your google news or whatnot to your heart’s content.

Now if only they’ll let people log into their mail or blog accounts, that would be just perfect! I know, it would probably be a coder’s nightmare to do (assuming it is at all possible in the first place), but still….

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