Recovering from vertigo

Went to the doctor early today, about my bouts of vertigo the past few days. Turns out, MSG or monosodium glutamate is the culprit. I ate instant noodles all week long last week and it finally caught up to me. MSG affects the inner ear, hence affects the sense of balance.

I have recovered a bit already though. This morning was the first morning I’d woken up without feeling immediately dizzy upon sitting up from bed. I felt good enough, in fact, to work out again this afternoon.

My workout was the usual 30-minute thing with the really heavy weights and the two-sets-per-exercise, 30-second-rest-between-sets routine. I got rid of the deadlifts and exchanged it for a lateral pulldown. I also put the shoulder press as my second exercise, so I get a little bit more umph on my shoulders. What should have been 30 minutes, lasted 45 minutes though — I repped to failure on my first set on the bench press and I had to get out from under the bar and re-set the thing on our Gold’s Gym smith machine (no worries — the machine had it’s own auto-spotter). Plus, I felt a bit dizzy upon finishing that first set, so I had to rest a few more seconds before doing the next set. I’d increased weights across all exercises, though, so all in all it was still a good workout.

Tomorrow, I should be feeling up to 100% normal, so I should be able to hit the gym without the dizzy spells.



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Stormy day

A storm just passed through Luzon today. And what a storm it was! I woke up this morning to the whistling and howling of the wind outside our window! It only grew worse as the day went on, and I had to go to our gym and move our equipment off to the other side of the room, away from the windows. The wind was so strong that some of the rainwater were starting to get blown under and upwards between the jalousie glass slats.

We lost power right after lunch too. Electricity only came on around 6:30 or 7pm. Cable was out so we tuned in to news right away, and — man! I saw a small truck or bus getting blown to its side by the wind! Geez! The wind had been that strong! I know at least one guy died when a pole fell on top of his vehicle, but yeah, things were pretty hairy everywhere for a while.

Fortunately, the storm’s already blown past the Philippines and is on it’s way… where? I don’t know, and I don’t care, so long as it’s outta here!

Good thing I’m on leave for three weeks; otherwise, I’d be one of those guys stranded out on the road, regardless if I was driving an SUV or not.

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God of the (Home) Network

It’s been a very long time since I last flexed my network-god muscles. My last sysad-duties-inclusive job was three years ago. However, I now find myself having to twitch at least my net-godlike little finger.

My brother abuses our DSL bandwidth at home. Bittorrent downloads of tons and tons of anime constantly slows down everybody else’s connections, myself included. And today happens to be one of the rare times I need/want to download large files from the ‘net — specifically, Java EE 5-related files. Not to mention, just doing ordinary browsing invariably slows down to a crawl whenever my younger brother starts leeching anime of questionable taste.


Time to do some tweaking on our Linksys router, I decided. Blocked Bittorrent, put my brother’s MAC address on low priority and my MAC address on High Priority QOS, and five minutes later, I’m a happy Net God.

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Turbogears — almost, but not quite

I bought the October 2006 issue of Linux Magazine yesterday. The thing that caught my attention and prompted me to buy it was this article on Turbogears, a RAD web app framework for Python. I quickly devoured the article and soon found myself wanting to actually try it out.

Turbogears is supposed to be Python’s answer to Ruby on Rails. To TG’s credit, it really does make coding a web app using Python very, very simple, in a way that’s almost as simple as doing it on Rails. Now while I haven’t made a formal comparison, I’m more inclined to think that I can work better with Turbogears than with Rails. But then again, that’s just my Python bias showing. I love Python, and when I read the article I thought, “well it’s about freakin’ time somebody made this for Python!”

So, I fired up my Ubuntu box and tried it out. Continue reading

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Family day with Lance

The wife and I went to Glorietta yesterday — well, okay, technically, the day before, since it’s already 12:35AM, Monday — anyway, we went to Glorietta last Saturday, and we brought widdle baby Lance, one of my sisters-in-law to be the yaya, and a brother-in-law and his 2-year-old widdle girl Alex. My wife and I had been meaning to take Lance out to the mall for weeks now, and we finally got around to it last Saturday.

Lance is this little kid that my mother-in-law adopted. The adoption papers aren’t set yet, but the little tough guy’s story is… unusual. Lance was an unwanted baby. The mother got pregnant out of wedlock Continue reading

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Close Race for two employers

I’ve never felt so wanted — and confused at the same time! My current employer did a counter-offer. While I can’t say specifics about the numbers, I will say he included an offer to work on a cutting-edge project that’s being done from the ground up. By cutting-edge, I mean Oracle + JSF + AJAX. Tech-wise, that alone was enough to make my inner geek salivate.

Then I go to chat with some of the managers with my future employer later this evening; the meeting was already previously scheduled, and I hadn’t had a chance to tell them I’ve gotten a counter-offer. Turns out, I’m going to have a hand at systems design and architecture! And, I’m going to lead a team, too! Again, I can’t talk about the specific renumerations involved, but I will say that doing systems design and leading a team appeals to my inner senior geek. I have done management stuff in the past, always out of necessity and unofficially, but this is the first time I’ll be doing senior stuff officially. That, and I’ll get to paid handsomely for it.

In the end, the pasture on the other side is just so much greener, and not just in monetary terms, but in actual geek work, that I’m still sticking with my future employer. My resignation stands. I gave my current employer a fighting chance to retain me, just like my boss asked, but I will still have to leave. Sorry, boss!

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Torpark — what, no version for Linux?

Ok, so they come out with this anonymous browsing thing. I read this news article, and I think, ‘hey, cool!’ And I go over to their download page, and then — all their installation files are exe’s? All Windows installers, not a linux installer in sight! Heck, even the source code is supposed to compile to a Windows exe file!

Bah. Just plain ol’ Firefox will do for me, thank you very much. At least on linux I don’t need to worry about viruses as much as I’d have to on Windows!

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